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Novelty Candies
Novelty Items:
Be one of the first retailers to display our new and stylish Novelty candy and toy candy in your store. You can find the newest and latest wholesale candy at Sugarman Candy for cheap. The candy industry is made up thousands of candies, and many new ones are introduced each year. Keeping up with the newest on the market can be challenging, but with Sugarman Candy has your Candy Supplier, you can be confident that we will bring the hottest candies to your shelves. Some of our new items include, Baby Bottle Pop Candy, Sour Candy Spray, Light-up Candy Spray and so much more.

We're excited to keep you fully stocked with everything your customers are looking for. Let us serve your long-term needs by tapping into our industry expertise and ability to provide you with the highest quality products for huge savings. We will work for your success by supplying you with tried-and-true classics as well as the up-and-coming hot sellers.

We know how important your business is to you. That's why giving you the attentive, dedicated service you need is so important to us. At Sugarman Candy, we proactively find ways to pass savings on to you and to bring you the products that are most in demand. Choose a trusted source for your all your bulk candy needs. You won't have to experience the headaches and hassles that other wholesale candy suppliers can bring. It's easy to get started with us. Contact us today to learn how we can help you!

Wholesale Candy Suppliers You Can Trust

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Bubblicious Assorted Gum
Item #146
Rescue Candy Filled Cars
Item #166
Wedge Pops - 36 ct
Item #226
Wonka Nerds  - 2.0 oz box
Item #113
Wonka Nerds Rope - 24 ct
Item #167
Sweet Soaker- 12 ct
Item #222
Pirate Flash Pop
Item #174
Flintstones Candy Straws
Item #242
Fruit Stripe Sugar Free Gum
Item #230
Sour Punch Sip-n-Chew Straws
Item #220
Super Mario 3-Dees Gummy
Item #235
Wonka Laffy Taffy - 24 ct
Item #132
Bubble Dozer Candy Filled
Item #246
Laser Pop
Item #223
e.frutti Mini Burger
Item #271
YoYo Mania
Item #360
Whirly Pop 3"
Item #201
Whirly Pop 4"
Item #201.1
Whirly Pop 3" Pink
Item #201.2
Rock Candy Chrystals
Item #259
Sour Rainbow Tracks
Item #320
Vampire Blood Spray
Item #128
Sour Patch - 240 ct
Item #125
Lock Jaw Double Sprays - 14 ct       Item #178
Nuclear Sqworms - 24 ct
Item #195
Sour Jacks - 24 ct
Item #130
Ninja Turtle Lollipop & Spray - 12 ct
Item #123.1
Sweet Heet Spray Candy
Item #276
Flash Pop - 12 ct
Item #315
Quick Blast Sour Candy Spray - 12 ct
Item #316
Bearz Athletes Candy Filled Keychain - 12 ct
Item #121
Top Pops Taffy Pops
Item #338

Tweety Message Board with Candy - 12ct
Item #172

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Candy Necklace - 48 ct
Item #200
Tootsie Roll - 280 ct
Item #342
Caramel Apple Pops - 48ct
Item #187
Bazooka Bubble Gum
Original - 120 ct
Item #310.1
Bon O Bon - Bonbons with  peanut cream filling

Bazooka Bubble Gum
Assorted Flavors - 120 ct
Item #310
Albert's Pop Toys
Item #194.1